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Semi-protected edit request on 4 January 2020[edit source]

Template:Edit semi-protected The franchise has Grossed over 10 Billion now not 9 Billion. Shadowbokunohero (talk) 20:35, 4 January 2020 (UTC)

 Not done: please provide reliable sources that support the change you want to be made.  Spintendo  08:53, 5 January 2020 (UTC)
Template:Done. Now updated as per the numbers source. Timur9008 (talk) 20:03, 5 January 2020 (UTC)

Should the First appearance of certain characters be listed as the novelization rather than the film[edit source]

You see the novelization of the original movie came out first so, characters like, Luke Skywalker for example appeared in the novel first and then the movie. Does this mean we should list it as their first appearance and then list the original film as their first theatrical appearance? Tee wew28 (talk) 08:46, 8 March 2020 (UTC)

No. The novelizations are based on the films and only released first to promote the theatrical release. UpdateNerd (talk) 08:51, 8 March 2020 (UTC)
I do not agree after all the original novelization still counts,the rest do not,so I would like to disagree instead we should include it just for certain characters User:Tee wew28 —Preceding 8.3.20 comment added 08:55, 8 March 2020 (UTC)
I wouldn't be opposed to using that rule for a character such as Palpatine, who was discussed in a novelization years before the first film he appeared in. But he doesn't "appear" per se, so that's a moot point. Regardless, it depends on consensus, so let the conversation run its course. UpdateNerd (talk) 11:55, 8 March 2020 (UTC)

Ownership[edit source]

The sidebar lists Lucasfilm as owner still. Should this be changed to Disney? (talk) 14:18, 25 March 2020 (UTC)

The franchise remains directly owned by Lucasfilm. Maybe we should not that Lucasfilm is now a subsidiary of Disney, but that doesn't change that Lucasfilm is the correct entry for that parameter. oknazevad (talk) 14:21, 25 March 2020 (UTC)
I don't think we need to note that, that's what the Lucasfilm article is for. Almost everyone is a subsidiary of someone else these days, so where would it end? Canterbury Tail talk 15:51, 25 March 2020 (UTC)

Reception sequel trilogy[edit source]

"Mixed reception from fans for Episode 8 and negative Reception for Episode 9". It should be correct,this is just an annedotical biased evidence,not supported by the facts Bananajohn (talk) 10:55, 2 April 2020 (UTC)

Genre[edit source]

For a long while this article has described the Star Wars saga as space opera, but over the last couple of days HouseTyrell has persisted with changing it to science fantasy. I don't dispute that it could be described as science fantasy but rather that "space opera" is a far better description of the franchise. The basic fact here is that reliable sources predominantly categorize the Star Wars films in science-fiction terms e.g. "sci-fi adventure" (AFI), "sci-fi action" or "space adventure" (both Allmovie). "Space adventure" is generally synonymous with "space opera" and the Historical Dictionary of Science-Fiction presents the Star Wars films as exponents of the space opera genre. George Lucas has this to say about the genre: "Star Wars really isn't a science-fiction film, it's a fantasy film and a space opera." In reality space opera is somewhat the red-headed stepchild of science-fiction, but what Lucas is essentially saying is that these films are fantasy adventure films set in outer-space. Now we could mirror the AFI and call it a sci-fi adventure franchise but "space opera" is a far better descriptor IMO because it encapsulates the sci-fi, adventure, space and fantasy elements all within a single sub-genre. Betty Logan (talk) 19:14, 4 August 2020 (UTC)

Okay. Not a problem. I didn't know that space opera is an interchangeable term with science fantasy. Indeed, I thought it was just a sci-fi subgenre.--HouseTyrell (talk) 07:37, 5 August 2020 (UTC)
I don't have any sources on hand, but I can remember it often being described as a space opera. Emir of TME (talk) 16:23, 5 August 2020 (UTC)