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Marvel Science Stories was a U.S. pulp magazine with fifteen issues in two separate runs, both edited by Robert O. Erisman and published by Abraham and Martin Goodman. The first issue, dated August 1938, carried stories with more sexual content than was usual for the genre, including several stories by Henry Kuttner. Reader reaction was generally negative; one referred to Kuttner's story "The Time Trap" as "trash". The magazine was cancelled after the April 1941 issue, but when a boom in science fiction magazines began in 1950, the publishers revived it. The first issue of the new series was dated November 1950; a further six issues appeared, with the last dated May 1952. Contributors to the first run included Arthur J. Burks and Jack Williamson; the second run published stories by better-known writers, including Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Jack Vance and L. Sprague de Camp. But many of the writers were publishing their best work elsewhere, and the second incarnation of the magazine did not succeed in the more competitive market of the 1950s. (Full article...)