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The Executive Committee is one of The Multilingual Encyclopedia committee's and is charged with the performance of executive tasks and acts as a source of arbitration and conciliation during the conflict resolution. The committee is similar in many regards to the Arbitration Committee on Wikimedia, however, tasks are not just limited to arbitration. The Executive Committee has the final say in almost all matters on the wiki, unless otherwise stated by the Code of Conduct Commission, which is a global commission on Miraheze that enforces the Code of Conduct.

While the name suggests that this committee is only open to administration, this is inherently not true and goes against TME's policy of fostering community cohesion. There is a mix of community members, administrators and bureaucrats; this ensures the committee is fair and just in all its decisions. You can view membership requirements section to see what is required to be admitted on to the Executive Committee.

Membership[edit source]

Current members[edit source]

  • CnocBride – Acting Chairman of the Executive Committee (Administrator)
  • stranger195 – Member (Bureaucrat)

Officers[edit source]

  • Chairperson – The Chairperson is not the most powerful member on the committee, but is charged with running all meetings and overall ensuring the smooth operation of the committee.
  • Deputy Chairperson – This is an optional role and elected if the committee wishes.
  • Secretary – The Secretary is charged with recording the minutes of the meetings, ensuring that all committee members are aware of meeting schedules, distributing any official documentation internally among the committee, communicating with entities external to both TME and the Executive Committee and a lot more.
  • Committee Auditor – This is the only position on the committee that is elected through a consensus vote. The auditor is in charge of ensuring that the committee conforms to the principles of the committee and does not break them. They are always a community member.

Membership requirements[edit source]

The Executive Committee is made up as follows:

  • Up to 10 bureaucrats. If there are less than 10, all bureaucrats are on the committee. If there are more than 10, a public election between the bureaucrats on a protected page must take place.
  • Up to 5 administrators. If there are less than 5, all administrators are on the committee. If there are more than 5, three administrators are selected by a consensus vote; the other two are selected privately among bureaucrats.
  • Up to 15 community members. The committee must have a maximum of 15 community members. View the election guidelines for an in-depth guide on electing community members.