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The Category Cleanup Crew (abbreviated the CCC and also known as the Category Maintenance Crew or the Grand Order of Categorical Cleansing) is a group of editors who volunteer their time to ensure that the various categories are kept clean and are within the scope of the topic they cover. The CCC are specially trained to ensure articles are in the right place and they understand the policy of "location clarity" which is a fundamental principle of categorization on TME.

This is not a TME project so members cannot openly join the crew. To apply for the CCC you must go to the Request to join page were you must submit an application to the Executive Council who review all applications to the crew and decide who is suitable to join the crew. A full list of job vacancies for TME can be viewed at the Vacancies hub.

There is currently 1 member of the CCC as of 27 October 2017.

History[edit source]

Mission[edit source]

Herein this message lies the mission of the Category Cleanup Crew. An order of editors established on The Multilingual Enyclopedia, with the aim to ensure that all categories, organized and disorganized, receive the treatment they deserve. We swear to protect all categories from harm, be that vandals, saboteur's or inexperienced editors. We will spend our time studying categories, learning the secrets of categorizing pages and ensuring that all pages are on the right shelf. We promise to ensure that all readers may be directed down categorical roads that lead to the correct article they are looking for, and they shall not find themselves in a deep dark category chasm.

Members[edit source]

Request for removal off the CCC[edit source]

As with all groups and societies on the Internet there is a need to remove people from a certain organisations for a variety of reasons. These reasons mainly include breaking a rule or code of conduct. The CCC has a Code of Conduct in place which ensures its members act justly and are treated fairly if they should do any wrongdoing. The following are the steps for the removal of a CCC member.

  • If a member of the community believes a CCC member has done wrong then they have the right to request the removal of the person from the CCC. The CCC itself also has the right to remove a member from the CCC and this happens through the same process. The following is the criteria for removal:
    • A CCC member has made "lesser offense" (as defined by the code of conduct) more then three times and fails to rectify or recognize their mistakes. If a member has broken a serious rule of the code of conduct once it is acceptable to request for removal.
    • A CCC member has used their power hurtfully and have only applied for the position for power rather then helping the community.
    • The member's contributions have been believed to be unhelpful and hurtful. Mistakes made in good faith are not accepted as criteria for removal.
    • Said member has been inactive for 3 months and has been moved on to the inactive list. A member that is inactive for a lesser amount of time is not deemed eligible to be removed. A notified absence which exceeds 3 months is acceptable.
    • If a member has broken the wiki rules then a disciplinary process is handed over to the wiki. The member is temporarily suspended from their duties at the CCC while the process is ongoing. If the member is found guilty of breaking any rules and is punished by the wiki then it is custom for them to be removed from the CCC with immediate effect.
  • If one or more of these criteria are met then a private hearing among CCC members is called. All members take a look at the request for removal and decide whether or not the request has substance and may need public insight.
  • If the CCC rules that the request is indeed valid then a discussion and vote will take place on the wiki. All members are invited to comment and vote. The process is subject to the universal vote rules and all votes must be in accordance with the rules.
  • If the request is defeated then the member is allowed to stay on the CCC and a 2 week cooldown on any further requests against that person is made.
  • If the the request is supported then the member is removed from the CCC. A senior CCC officer can veto this vote and can call a final vote of the CCC Board, which is made up of senior members of the CCC. In this case the board makes the final decision on the future of the accused member within the CCC.
  • Finally if the member is found guilty by the board they are removed from the CCC or if the member is acquitted they are allowed to return to their duties and the 2 week cooldown is invoked.