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Template:Policy The Multilingual Encyclopedia strives to have a far looser rule set on articles than on other online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia. We firmly believe in allowing editorials, research articles, personal essays and many other points of view to be expressed. However, to ensure structure and organization on the wiki, we have a number of loosely defined standards that we believe should be adhered to.

Point of view

One of the founding principles of The Multilingual Encyclopedia was the fact that we allow articles to be written from one person's point of view. This allows people to write articles from any point of view and opinions are allowed. This creates a diverse and healthy environment where people can express their opinions freely.

There is one slight restriction. The Multilingual Encyclopedia also wants to be able to create NPV articles like Wikipedia. It has been decided that all main-space articles such as the United States must be written in NPV due to their large attraction. People can still write PPV articles by either making a sub-page or ensuring that their article is clearly marked as being written in NPV.


The Multilingual Encyclopedia does not claim liability for any damage or miscommunication that may be caused due to utilization of the information on our wiki. We strive to make our wiki the most factual place possible but as this is a community edited site it is vulnerable to falsifications and informational abnormalities. All main-space articles are to be written in a neutral point of view but due to the sheer size of the wiki this is not always the case as it is relatively easy for an article to be falsified.

We recommend that professionals do not use this site for important factual research as it is highly likely information may be wrong. Featured and good articles are good sources of information but may still be lacking in relative or truthful information.

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