Keiko Utoku

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Keiko Utoku
宇徳 敬子
Born (1967-04-07) April 7, 1967 (age 53)
Izumi, Kagoshima, Japan [1]
  • singer
  • songwriter
Years active1993–2007 2013–present
Associated actsB.B.Queens, Mi-Ke

Keiko Utoku (宇徳敬子 Utoku Keiko?, born April 7, 1967 in Izumi, Kagoshima, Japan) is a Japanese singer and songwriter under UK Sweet label.[2]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Keiko made first debut with chorus part in band B.B.Queens then joined with J-pop female band Mi-Ke from 1991 to 1993, before starting a solo career. As a child, Utoku listened to a lot of music, including music made by Momoe Yamaguchi. She has written and sung many songs, such as Wasurenagusa, and Sonic the Hedgehog fans remember her for her vocal work in the original version of the Sonic CD video game's opening and closing themes in Japan and Europe, Sonic – You Can Do Anything and Cosmic Eternity – Believe In Yourself in 1993.

At recent dates, she has released 15 singles, 5 digital singles, 4 studio albums, 1 mini and 2 best albums.[3]

Discography[edit | edit source]

Singles[edit | edit source]

Release Day Title Rank
1st 1993/8/4 Anata no Yume no Naka Sotto Nobikomitai (あなたの夢の中 そっと忍び込みたい) 17
2nd 1993/12/8 Mabushii hito (まぶしい人) 14
3rd 1994/3/16 Aisazu ni wa Irarenai (愛さずにはいられない) 10
4th 1994/7/30 Dokomade mo Zutto (どこまでもずっと) 25
5th 1995/1/16 Anata wa Watashi no Energy (あなたは 私の ENERGY) 10
6th 1995/6/12 Fushigi na Sekai (不思議な世界) 13
7th 1996/6/10 Anata ga Sekai Ichi (あなたが世界一) 20
8th 1996/8/5 Message (メッセージ) 32
9th 1997/5/14 Hikari to Kage no Roman (光と影のロマン) 20
10th 1997/8/13 Michi Shio no Mangetsu (満ち潮の満月) 49
11th 1998/6/17 Kaze no You ni Jiyuu (風のように自由) ~free as the wind~ 33
12th 1998/8/26 Don't forget me 90
13th 1999/5/19 Realize 56
14th 2000/5/31 Taisetsu ni Omou et cetera (大切に想うエトセトラ) 44
15th 2014/1/29 Happy Way/Destiny ~Kiseki no Kagayaki~ (〜キセキの輝き〜) 125

Albums[edit | edit source]

Release Day Title Rank
1st 1994/10/10 Suna Dokei (砂時計; "Hourglass") 1
2nd 1996/11/11 Koori (album) (氷; "Ice") 2
3rd 1998/8/26 Mangetsu (満月; "Full Moon") ~rhythm~ 8
4th 2006/11/22 Yorokobi no Hana ga Saku ~True Kiss~ (よろこびの花が咲く; "The Joyful Flower Blooms") ~True Kiss~ 72

Original Mini Albums[edit | edit source]

Release Day Title Rank
1st 2016/3/9 Shingetsu(新月; "New Moon") ~Rainbow~ 74 [4]

Compilations[edit | edit source]

Release Day Title Rank
1st 2003/12/17 THE BEST "eternity" 63
2nd 2011/12/21 Keiko Utoku Complete Best ~Single Collection~ 106

References[edit | edit source]

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