Il sole dei cattivi

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Il sole dei cattivi is the first cinematic film by artist and video maker Paolo Consorti. Filmed in 2013 and divided into two parts, it depicts the Biblical stories of Herod and Caiaphas, but set against a present-day reality show.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The film is divided into two parts. It tells the story of the historical figures of Herod and Caiaphas, who are brought into the present and participate respectively in the living Nativity scene of Grottammare and a show about the Passion of Christ in Larino.

Productions[edit | edit source]

The film, produced by the Opera Totale, was shot in Marche and Molise. Surrounding the cast, the locations and the extras have a role in the respective religious evocations of the Nativity and the Living Passion.

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