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Camp Tyler, located five miles (8 km) southeast of Tyler, Texas, United States, and named after Tyler Camp (100 miles southeast of Dallas, Texas), is one of the United States oldest outdoor education facilities.

In 1949, the 400-acre (1.6 km2) camp was founded by the Camp Tyler Foundation along the shore of Lake Tyler West, within the piney woods of East Texas. During a typical year, Camp Tyler will provide outdoor experiences to thousands of youths. Since 1949 Tyler Independent School District (TISD) has had a permanent Outdoor School at Camp Tyler. Annually, Camp Tyler has campers on the property 340 days out of the calendar year.

Camp Tyler Foundation[edit | edit source]

The Camp Tyler Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides camp facilities, organizes volunteers, creates educational programs, and oversees funding of Camp Tyler. Camp Tyler’s funding is largely supplied by philanthropic contributions, and receives no state funding.

Facilities and activities[edit | edit source]

Camp Tyler facilities are modeled after structures of the 1800s, which includes a dining lodge, library, clinic, classrooms, five dormitories, bathhouse, amphitheater, farmhouse, and a replica schoolhouse and blacksmith shop. Activities include horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and the Camp Tyler Adventure Challenge Area, which includes wall climbing and zip lining.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Camp Tyler provides an environment that fosters the growth and development of young people through established and experimental learning techniques, delivered by professional instructors and mentors.

Each year, Camp Tyler delivers programs to provide youths with an outdoor learning experiences. The Camp Tyler Foundation partners with and trains other organizations, including public and private schools, to deliver programs designed by Camp Tyler staff.

Programs include weeklong residence camping, which serves 5th graders from eight school districts, and day programs for pre-5th grade students. Day programs include aquatic biology, birding hikes, nature photography, outdoor theater, and team building. These programs meet the education standards of science and social studies, set forth by the state of Texas.

Youth groups that use Camp Tyler include Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the USA, and church groups. Often during the summer months, agencies, in association with the Camp Tyler Foundation, institute programs designed for special needs children, like Asthma Camp, Diabetes Camp, Camp Heyday (for mentally and physically challenged persons), Camp Quality (for youth with cancer and their siblings), E=mc2 (for the gifted), and Summer Adventure Program (for at risk students).

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