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Coordinates: 38°18′N 120°54′E / 38.3°N 120.9°E / 38.3; 120.9 (Bohai Strait)

Bohai Strait Tunnel project (red line)

The Bohai Strait Tunnel or Dalian-Yantai Tunnel project proposes the construction of an undersea tunnel to connect Dalian on the Liaodong Peninsula to Yantai on the Shandong Peninsula. Another name for the project is Cross-Bohai-Strait channel.[1]

Crossing the Bohai Strait, the tunnel would be 123 kilometres (76 mi) long, 90 kilometres (56 mi) of it under water. This would exceed the combined lengths of the two longest undersea tunnels on Earth, the Seikan Tunnel and the Channel tunnel.[2] The tunnel is planned to run more than 100 kilometres (62 mi) under the Strait.[3]

Operated by China Railway Engineering Corporation, the tunnel would be linked to the Chinese highspeed railway system. Cars would be loaded on railway carriages to make the 40 minute crossing. Currently, the Bohai Train Ferry, inaugurated in 2007, crosses the strait in eight hours.[2]

The project is estimated to cost 200 billion yuan (US$32 billion). In August 2014, it was reported that work is likely to commence during the 13th Five-year plan and construction would take ten years to complete.[4]

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