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Alif Allah Aur Insaan
Conceptions of God
Created byMomina Duraid
Based onAlif Allah Aur Insaan 
by Qaisara Hayat
Developed byHum Network
Written byQaisra Hayat
Directed byAhson Talish
Creative director(s)Mehreen Suhail
Presented byHum TV
Hum Network
MD Productions
StarringMikaal Zulfiqar
Ushna Shah
Shehzad Sheikh
Kubra Khan
Imran Ashraf
Sana Nawaz
Voices ofFarhan Ali Agha
Theme music composerNaveed Nashad
Opening theme"Maula Ji"
Shafqat Amanat Ali
Lyrics by
Ahson Talish
Composer(s)Naveed Nashad
Country of originPakistan
Original language(s)Urdu
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes18 as of 22nd August 2017
Producer(s)Momina Duraid
Editor(s)Mehmood Ali
CinematographyZeb Rao
Camera setupMulti-camera setup
Running time37-40 minutes minus commercials
Production company(s)MD Productions
DistributorHum Network Limited
Original networkHum TV
Picture format720p (HDTV)
360p (SDTV)
1080p (Hum World HD)
Audio formatStereo
First shown inTemplate:PAK
Original release25 April 2017 (2017-04-25) - present

Alif Allah Aur Insaan (Urdu: الف اللہ اور انسان‎; lit: "A" Allah and Human), is a Pakistani spiritual and mythological drama serial that premiered on Hum TV on March 21, 2017.[1] It is created by Momina Duraid, as part of a night programming all under Duraid's MD production company and is written by Qaisra Hayat based on her novel of the same name,[2] it was Hayat's second screenplay and story in a row after she penned Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi and presented it as a Television series for the same channel. The series is directed by Ahson Talish.

Alif Allah Aur Insaanl is the story of trust and relationships, it revolves around five different people from five totally different backgrounds and their faith and conviction. It highlights the concept of how the creator rewards the people who believe in hard work and patience.The story is told in a heavily serialized manner. Each episode follow a sequence of the lives of Shahzaib, Nazneen, Nigar, Shamu and Rani. It Stars Ushna Shah, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Kubra Khan, Shehzad Sheikh, Imran Ashraf[3] and Sana Nawaz Story includes a moral lessons regarding respect, love and care in relationships.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Shahzeb ( Mikaal Zulfiqar ) a thirty year old landlord falls in love with Nazneen ( Kubra Khan ) when he sees her at a wedding and sends her a proposal. Nazneen is a spoilt brat who refuses to marry Shahzeb as she wants to continue her studies, but Shahzeb assures her that he would marry her only after she gets her degree and the two get engaged. Nazneen is still not interested in marrying Shahzeb. A parallel story is that of a young girl Raani ( Ushna Shah ) whose parents are paupers and her father forces her to beg for money. One day, Raani comes across a really rich woman, Nigar Begum ( Sana Nawaz ). Oveewhelmed by Nigar Begum's luxurious life, Raani vows to be like her. She goes to Nigar Begum to ask for a job to which Nigaar Begum generously agrees. Its is revealed in flashbacks that once, Shahzeb's friends had forcefully taken him to a brothel to enjoy the dance of the most beautiful mujra dancer, which turns out to be Nigar Begum. Shahzeb was the least interested in the dance, but things get difficult for him as Nigaar Begum falls in love with Shahzeb and demands his love. Angered by her words, Shahzeb ridicules Nigaar Begum for being a prostitute and says that prostitutes have no right to love, leaving her heartbroken. Nazneen enrolls at a prestigious university at Karachi amd makes some friends, however, her friends are irittated by Nazneen's arrogance and they successfully transform into a more liberal modern girl. Her friends are smitten by Nazneen's driver, Basit (Shehzad Sheikh )'s looks and due to their influence, Nazneen forgets the class difference between her and Basit and falls in love with him. Nazneen flirts with him all the time but Basit keeps ignoring her but Nazneen contimues to pursue him until Basim threats to commit suicide in the name of honor. As a result of this threat, Nazneen agrees to marry Shahzeb. Meanwhile, Rani serves as a maid to Nigar Begum but Rani is not satisfied with the life of a maid as it was just a little different from that of a beggar. Rani vows to get Nigar Begum's place. Nigar Begum dreams of becoming an actress and is overjoyed when Nawazish Ali ( Farhan Ali Agha ), a famous film director, offers to cast her in a film. Nigar Begum falls in love for the second time in life, this time woth Nawazish Ali but all her hopes are shattered when Nawazish Ali sees Rani and decidea to cast her in the film instead of Nigar Begum. A devastated Nigar Begum decides to throw Rani out of her brothel but Rani, driven by outrage, poisons Nigar Begum's food, thus killing her and becoming the queen of the brothel, taking the place of Nigar Begum. Before Rani joined Nigar Begum's brothel when the former was still a beggar, she had once saved a transgender Shaamu ( portrayed by Imran Ashraf ) from a group of boys who were mocking Shammu. Rani tells Shaamu that regardless of their gender, all humans are equal and they should stand against any ill treatments made to them. Shaamu falls in love woth Rani because Rani was the forst one to ever speak up for Shaamu. Rani also enjoins Shaamu to earn money for a living. Inspired by his love for Rani, Shaamu starts working as a beautician, stops wearing clothes of women and transforms into a more manly, rich beaurtcian called Shimmy. Shimmy wants to get Rani out of the brothel and to give her a respectable life filled with homour and love, but Rani, in the obsession of the luxurious and glamorous life of the Queen of the brothel, rejects Shimmy's emotions and throws Shimmy out. Shahzeb, in order to be honest with Nazneen, tells her about the fact that he had once been to a brothel but clarififes that he had never committed any sinful act there. Nazneen uses this against Shahzeb and calls of her marriage. Nazneen creates a cunning drama in front of Basim and his father about her marriage being called off and begs them to get Basit married to her, as a result of her emotional blackmail, Basit's father goes to Nazneen's father to ask for her hand. Rani lives her dream of becoming Reena Begum and thoroughly enjoys her first mujra but is devastated to know the complete truth ofprostitution after what 'happens' to her after her first mujra. Rani bitterly regrets not listening to Shaamu. Nazneen's plan of getting married to Basit backfires as her parents get to know the truth about Nazneen's love for Basit and the scandal she created. Therefore they decide to marry her off to Shahzeb as soon as possible, on the coming Friday.

Release[edit | edit source]

Broadcast[edit | edit source]

Alif Allah Aur Insaanl premiered on April 25, 2017 .[4] Alif Allah Aur Insaanl airs a weekly episode on every Tuesday succeeding Choti Si Zindagi, starting from its premiere date, with time slot of 8:00 pm.[5] It was aired on Hum Europe in UK,[6] on Hum TV USA in USA[6] and Hum TV Mena on UAE,[6] with same timings and premiered date. All International broadcasting aired the series in accordance with their standard times. It was broadcast by Hum Network's new channel Hum World HD for US and Canada.

Home media[edit | edit source]

In late January 2017, Hum Network protected all its episodes from YouTube and the series had no episodes available in the Pakistani region. All episodes of Alif Allah Aur Insaan were available on Hum's official site. But by June 2017, the channel opened there episodes on YouTube once again and as a result all the episodes were available in Pakistan. iflix contracted Hum Network and screened all of Hum TV's Shows after syndication, the series remained the part of the same contract.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Main cast[edit | edit source]

Supporting cast[edit | edit source]

  • Qavi Khan as Hazrat Ahmed Shah Bukhari/Baba Sayeen
  • Usman Peerzada as Hashmat Malik
  • Ainy Zaidi as Nazneen's mother
  • Naeema Khan as Chaman Begum
  • Azra Mansoor as Zaitoon
  • Nargis Rasheed as Rani's mother
  • Saife Hassan as Rani's father
  • Noor-ul-Hassan as Basit's father
  • Farhan Ali Agha as Nawazish Ali
  • Hassan Noman as Salma
  • Kinza Malik as Basit's mother
  • Zahra Shah as Samina

Production[edit | edit source]

Development[edit | edit source]

Alif Allah Aur Insaan is developed by Hum TV's senior producer Momina Duraid of MD Productions, the channel hired director Ahson Talish to direct the series.[7][8] Story of serial is based on Qaisra Hayat's Novel of the same name. Screenplay is also written by Hayat while script composing is done by Muhammad Wasi-ul-Din who is best known for his compositions for channels series Diyar-e-Dil and Mann Mayal. Hayat has previously worked with Momina, when she wrote Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi.[9]

Song composition is done by Naveed Nashad while background scores are given by MAD Music, lyrics for the OST were penned by the director himself who chose Shafqat Amanat Ali for singing, thus marking Ali's comeback for Hum TV after performing the OST of channels hit series Alvida in 2015. the channel released the first teaser promo on 13 April 2017 and premiered the series on April 25, 2017, it was given the prime slot on 8:00pm airing a weekly episode every Tuesdays.[8] Under the production, Amir Shehzad and Saleem Sumrah were the production managers, while Akbar Balouch, Muhammad Bhatti and Amir Rehman khan were under the set department. Along with the director, Mehreen Suhail and Syed Sajad Habib were the executive directors.

Casting[edit | edit source]

Producer Momina Duraid, and director Ahson Talish mutually chose the cast which includes Mikaal Zulfiqar,[10][11][12]Ushna Shah,[13][14][15][8] Sana Nawaz [16][12][17] Kubra Khan,[12][7][8] Shehzad Sheikh and Imran Ashraf to portray the leading roles.[7][8][18][12][19][14] Mikaal Zulfiqar and Kubra Khan marked their second appearance together after success in Duraid's Sang-e-Mar Mar.[20] From 2015, actor Mikaal Zulfiqar was given several shows for the channel including Diyar-e-Dil, Maan, Sangat and Sang-e-Mar Mar all of which were a commercial success for the channel itself, after channels success in 2016's Sang-e-Mar Mar, Zulfiqar once again was finalised to portray the role of Shahzeb.[11][12][21] Alongside Zulfiqar Kubra Khan was finalised to portray the role of Nazneen [10][11][22] after her success in her debut for Sange Mar Mar. The actress completed her series Muqabil and Andaz-e-Sitam for Ary Digital and Urdu1 and joined Alif Allah aur Insaan in 2017. Actor Shehzad Sheikh was finalised to portray the role of Basit [16] right after the finale of his 2016 series Choti Si Zindagi.

Actress Ushna Shah was approached by the production head Mahesh Waswani from MD productions and Raza Moosavee, the head of content for Hum TV.'[23] The actress was offered to portray the role of Rani and the role earned her critical acclaim and success,[12][13][14][15][8] Shah also answered HIP in Pakistan that why she accepted the role of Rani, she says When I read the script I knew I had to do it. Rani was just the one I had been looking for. The depth, the change, the crudeness, the rawness and the reality is something the artist inside me had been craving since I joined the industry. Rani reminded me of why I became an actor[23] Furthermore, the actress commented on her role and explained how she learned to portray Raani by saying Rani evolves a lot as she is an amalgamation of things: The walk was inspired by a lady who used to work in our house when I was a child; ironically her name was also Rani. The dialect was watching the working class growing up in Lahore. A lot of the mannerisms were things I observed in young girls begging on the street. So yes there was some character research involved at my end but everything else was thanks to the genius, Ahson Talish. He crafted the crassness of Rani beautifully, he created her. [23] Alongside Shah, actress Sana Nawaz was approached by Mahesh Waswani for the role of Nigar Begum.[16][12][17][12] The series was her second Hum TV project where she portrayed a challenging role, speaking about her character Nawaz comments I play a character called Nigar, I really liked this role because it was very challenging and quite different from what I have done up till now ... It was an honour for me to work with Ahsan, as an actor it was a dream come true to work along a man who is so talented and understands his actors so well and gets the best performance out of them”[17]

Apart from primary casting, production team also finalised several veteran actors for secondary casts. Director Saife Hassan who regularly directs several series for Hum TV. was finalised to portray the role of Raani's father, the actor had brief appearances in the introduction since he was busy directing Sammi for Hum TV, similarly Actor Noor-ul-Hassan and Actress Kinza Malik were shooting for Sammi but in November 2016 there roles were finished and they were finalised for Alif Allah aur Insaan. Similarly. Veteran actor Usman Peerzada was seleted to portray the role of Malik Ashar Khan alongside Ainy Zaidi who portrayed Nazneen's mother. Actress Azra Mansoor previously slelected in Diyar-e-Dil and Bin Roye was finalised to portray the role of Zaitoon, Shahzeb's mother. Actor Qavi Khan was finalised to portray the role of a noble priest who has brief appearances within the play, where as Actor Farhan Ali Agha gave voice overs in drop back scenes for the series and also portrayed the role of Nawazish Ali.

On June 2017, Actor Omer Shehzad joined the leading cast of the series.[24] Speaking about his role, Shehzad says It does have many characters, but all of them are very much there. You can’t ignore any of them because each character builds the story, and it actually feels amazing being a part of such a stellar star cast,” the actor claimed ... Also, my part is very strong, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed ... I’m also coming with a whole new look, I have a moustache, I’m wearing a bracelet in my hand and am always in shalwar kameez, so it’s kind of a wadera look and that’s something I’ve never done before ... I’m also very confident about it because my director told me that this particular character was in line with my presence. [24] Similarly on July 12, 2017, actress Nimra Khan joined the leading cast of the series [25] and also managed her Urdu1 project Baaghi.

Filming and location[edit | edit source]

Principal photography commenced on early January 2017, it was decided to finish in July 2017, during its filming it had more than average episodes under production and to run it within the 2017 season the production heads decided to release it in late April 2017 despite its ongoing shoot . Before the shoot the title of Alif Allah was used but within the shoot it was changed to Alif Allah aur Insaan. Shooting was extensively done in remote areas of Hyderabad, Sindh and in Punjab areas.[12] All the location units were overseen by Waqar Baloch who was leading the set department which includes Akbar Balouch, Muhammad Jathi Khan and Muhammad Rehman Khan.

Set-location of Nigar Begum's Haveli was a real traditional Haveli which was used by the production house for the filming of their 2016 series Mann Mayal for the same channel.[26] Shooting locations were overseen by art director Mirza Zeeshan Baig with cinematographer Zeb Rao and editor Mehmood Ali who return as director of photography and chief editing respectively. All three of them previously worked with Duraid's Diyar-e-Dil, Mann Mayal, Sanam and Dil Banjaara that earned their skills critical praise and acclaim. Graphics were done by Hasnain Diswali and Syed Furqaan Ali Qazi of Hum TV. Several sets-locations were real including Nazneen's Haveli and Basit's house, since the series was also filmed in Punjab village its few filming locations were real. Actors Mikaal Zulfiqar, Shehzad Sheikh, Kubra Khan, Qavi Khan, Noor-ul-Hassan, Azra Mansoor, Kinza Malik, Usman Peerzada and Ainy Zaidi have mostly filmed in the Punjab region.

Music[edit | edit source]

Alif Allah Aur Insaan OST
Soundtrack album by Shafqat Amanat Ali
Released19 April 2017 (2017-04-19)
GenreTelevision soundtrack
Length03 Minutes 12 Seconds (3:12)
LabelM.D Productions
ProducerMomina Duraid

The title song of Alif Allah Aur Insaan is composed by musician Naveed Nashad, while the director Ahson Talish penned the series while the background score for the series is done by Mad Music.[27][28] The OST was performed by Shafqat Amanat Ali.[29] It marks the return of the singer to Hum TV, since performed the channels hit drama series Alvida's OST in 2015.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All lyrics written by Ahson Talish, all music composed by Naveed Nashad and Mad Music.

No. TitleArtist(s) Length
1. "Maula Ji"  Shafqat Amanat Ali 3:12
2. "Ajis Haye (Mujra Song)"  Rasmia Baloch 1:30
Total length:

Reception[edit | edit source]

Ratings[edit | edit source]

Number of Episodes Timeslot (PST) Premiere Finale TV Season Rank (2017) Overall viewership
Date Barb Ratings
Television Rating Points (TRP) Date BARB ratings
Television Rating Points (TRP)
08:00 pm
25 April 2016 (2016-04-25)
73.7[30] 5.5
TBA TBA 2017 No #1 TBA

After Alif Allah Aur Insaan’s premier, Hum TV claimed on their Facebook page that they had received highest rating with Alif Allah Aur Insaan gaining 5.5 TV Rating Points (TRP)[31] thereby leading the 8:00 pm PST / 20:00 GMT time slot just within the pilot episode.[32] On 4 May 2017, Hum TV provided another rating information given by Media Logic and Kantar Media according to which Alif Allah Aur Insaan once again dominated the Tuesday Timslot with 5.4 TRP on its second episode,[33] the next week, series received 5 Ratings. On May 16, 2017 there was a high competition amongst the TV Channels where ‘’Alif Allah Aur Insaan’’ once again dominated the time slot with 4.5 TRP on its fourth episode,[34] despite facing a 0.5 rating decrease (to last week) the channel still managed to receive the first rank. According to the same source there was a competition with the channel ARY Digital which came in second delivering 2.0 TRP.[34]

On its fifth episode the series once again averaged higher ratings of 5.0 TRP but there was a competition seen where ARY increased to 4.0 TRP.[35] On its sixth episode it increased a TRP reach to 5.1.[36] In June 2017 there was no rating information provided by the channel since it had transmissions for the month of Ramadan. During the entire month, ARY Digital dominated the top rank with its game show Jeeto Pakistan, followed by Bol News as second rank, Alif Allah Aur Insaan dominated the third rank.

On July 7, Hum TV gave the media logic rating information on their Facebook page claiming that they have received 4.5 TRP on average with Alif Allah Aur Insaan's eleventh episode and had also dominated the top rank.[37] With its thirteenth episode the series received its highest ratings of all bringing 7.4 TRPs on average.[38] Where as on its fourteenth episode it leaded the Tuesday day slot with 5.9 TRPs on Average.[39]

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References[edit | edit source]

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