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Poster in the style of cabaret noir with a drawing by Steve Vigil.
Entire ensemble, September 1975.

AlexCab (Alexandra's Eccentric Cabaret) was a stage show written and directed by Lars Jacob [1] at Alexandra Charles's nightclub in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1975.[2]

The concept of the cabaret centered on new Swedish lyrics by the Swedish-American director to internationally popular songs in the soul and rock genres and to famous oldies. At that time it was new to Swedes to hear lyrics in their own language to songs such as Walk on the Wild Side ("Kom och lek hemma hos mej du"), American Pie ("Fröken Krusbärspaj") and Norman Whitfield's It Should Have Been Me ("Det borde var't jag"), or to older songs like Mad About the Boy ("Galen i en grabb"), Baby Face ("Spädbarnsfejs" which Lars Jacob co-wrote with Örjan Ramberg), When I'm Sixty-Four ("Fyllda sextiofem") and Heat Wave ("Kallfront").

Besides Lars Jacob the ensemble included Mia Adolphson, Agneta Lindén, Eva Nor-Forsberg, Thotte Dellert, Pontus Platin, Göran Rydh and Steve Vigil. The show gave Dellert, Rydh, Vigil and band leader Anders Eljas their stage debuts. Eljas (who later worked with ABBA) transcribed big orchestral arrangements on assigned gramophone records for the little cabaret band he had at hand so that the songs sounded as similar as possible to the originals. The show also went on tour (without Platin) to Gothenburg.[3] Jacob's choreographer was Graham Tainton.

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