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AXM Futsal Manado, also known as AXM, is a local Futsal Team in Manado, Indonesia. Founded in April 2015 by Alventura B. Pangemanan with the original name of Alveyro FC, the name was taken from the name of the founder's son, Alveyro Xaverius Maldini Pangemanan. The founder decide to change the name from Alveyro FC into AXM Futsal Manado because of the poor performance in some local tournaments, AXM won their first local tournament[1] in the early July and announced their official team name and logo in July 11, 2015[2]. AXM Jersey Manufacturer is Elastico7, an Indonesia Football Apparel. Under the management of Alventura B. Pangemanan, Fhey Lumunon and Calvin Panginda, AXM successfully hosted a Coaching Clinic with Bonsu Hasibuan[3], an AFC Licensed and Vamos Mataram Coach, and Andriansyah[4], an Indonesia National Futsal Team Player and Ex-Vamos Mataram Captain, as the main speaker and trainer that was held on GOR Politeknik Manado in the early of June 2017.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Years[edit | edit source]

AXM Futsal Manado were founded in April 2015 by Alventura B. Pangemanan as Alveyro FC, but renamed to AXM Futsal Manado 3 Months Later. The team first tournament was AUS-Finnest Cup and reaching the 3rd Place. After 3 Months without winning any tournaments some players went out from the team and joining some other rival teams. With the team captain, James Giroth, and some players that stayed, AXM won their first local tournament after beating their rival 3-0 on the Group Stage in July 2015. Aldair Makatindu, a Pusamania Borneo player, was on a holiday before Jend. Sudirman Cup[5] also took part on the winning team in July 2015.

Birth of a New Generation[edit | edit source]

New Players like Risto Taduminggir and Andre Manuty brought AXM some trophies including Pa'dior Cup with Risto Taduminggir scored a last minute goal against El Ragnarok and AXM won on a penalty with Maryo Luhukay, AXM's Goalkeeper, played an outstanding performance. In late 2015, AXM sent some players and the team coach, Ronny Soputan, to be joining North Sulawesi Futsal Team for the Pre-PON(Pekan Olahraga Nasional)[6] and the Sam Ratulangi University POMNAS(Pekan Olahraga Mahasiswa Nasional)[7] Team that also includes Risto Taduminggir and Andre Manuty, making AXM has one of the most player sent by a local North Sulawesi team to a National Competition.

AXM Jr.[edit | edit source]

Acting like AXM's second team made new and less experience players played and fight for their place in the main team, and players such like Risto and Andre were once played for the AXM Jr. and gained promotion to the AXM Main Team. In some local tournaments AXM are allowed to register two teams in one tournament, and AXM Jr. once played against AXM in a local tournament but eventually lost to their main team with a breathtaking score of 9-3. In Sam Ratulangi University Tournaments, AXM annd AXM Jr. met in the finals and get the 1st and 2nd Rank. AXM Jr. won Perindo Cup 2016[8][9] and represent Perindo of North Sulawesi in the National Competition against other provinces.

Popularity[edit | edit source]

AXM Futsal Manado establishment shocked many Manado Futsal Fans because of many former LFN 2013 Champions and Runner-Up[10] players that joined the new local futsal team. Players like James Giroth, Filemon Ginting, Vially Soputan, Indra Tampemawa and Ronald Runtukahu joined AXM in 2015, and played for AXM as one of the best known players in North Sulawesi. Gaining people's attention after being the back-to-back Champions of Padior Cup and being the Runner-Up on Tidar Cup[11]. Gaining Indonesia Futsal Fans' attention after inviting Bonsu Hasibuan and Andriansyah to do a Coaching Clinic in Manado, and being a part of Vamos Futsal Academy under Bonsu Hasibuan. Keep gaining people's attention after Bayu Saptaji[12], a Vamos Mataram player, keep on supporting AXM via Instagram in many big occasions.

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