$100,000 Pyramid (video game)

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$100,000 Pyramid
File:$100,000 Pyramid (cover).jpg
C64 Cover art
Publisher(s)The Box Office, Inc
Programmer(s)Rick Hansen (C64)
Mike Cooley (DOS)
Platform(s)DOS (Original), Apple II, Commodore 64

$100,000 Pyramid is a 1987 video game based on the US Game show with the same name. Developed and published by The Box Office, Inc. It was originally released for Apple II and then ported to the DOS and Commodore 64.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The object is to reach the top of the pyramid by winning successive rounds. Each round you select a category from the pyramid, which will consist of a list of words that have something in common. One player tries to give the other player clues without writing the actual word.

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