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Article of the Year Award
This trophy represents all certified Article's of the Year.

The Article of the Year award is an annual prize given out to the article that is deemed to be the best article of that year. The award is considered the most prestigious award on The Multilingual Encyclopedia. The award is given out at the yearly Awards Ceremony which is held in early December.

The receiver of the AOTY award is selected by a public vote over at the candidates section. Any user can nominate an article as long as it has featured status. In the beginning all articles are voted on and 12 articles are selected. A monthly vote takes place until the final article is selected in the December round of voting. The article is formally announced on the creation of the annual Awards Ceremony page.

The AOTY award is not a status and thus cannot be revoked unless evidence shows a manipulation of voting has occurred. If an article loses featured status during the nomination process it will be replaced with a by-article.


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